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Zune Social

Zune Cards Resume Working, We Sigh in Relief

Sep 02 2011 @ 12:43 am | 1

So I’m just going to be straight up here, there hasn’t been much news of the good variety about Zune Social. Originally debuting with Zune 2.0 and getting makeovers with Zune 3, Zune 4, and Zune 4.5, the site has been nearly silent ever since. The Zune Social forums are gone, the activity feed on each user’s profile went the way of the dinosaur, and even the sacred Zune Cards –those lovely little flash applets that allowed you to share your musical taste and Zune profile page on other websites, suddenly stopped working. Seems someone at Zune HQ finally realized the card’s error message and have saw fit to return them to a working state. We’ve got no idea when this happened, but we’ll take it.

Social Spotlight: Meet Corey Schuster

Dec 20 2010 @ 9:54 pm |

In the December installment of our monthly series we’ve got Corey Schuster, or as I like to call him; the legend.

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