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Issues with Xbox LIVE payment system

News | May 13 2012 @ 12:39 pm | | Leave a Comment
Issues with Xbox LIVE payment system

The credit card I use to pay for my Zune Pass account and to purchase Microsoft Points expires this month, so I went into my Xbox account to update the information. However, upon updating, I received a big red error message saying “We can’t authorize the payment method”.

We could not authorize the payment method...

I verified that all of the information was correct and tried again, but got the same error message.

At that point, I popped into a support chat session to see what was up. During the chat session, I was given the following explanation by the helpful support technician:

Ok…that error is a recent issue with purchases. It just started happening recently and Microsoft has let us know they are working on getting that resolved ASAP (but we do not have an exact timetable yet). It can affect credit/debit cards and paypal (if you are using a gift card or prepaid/loadable card, please let me know that).



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