If you have ever wished that Microsoft’s Bing Rewards program offered you the chance to get free Microsoft points, today may be your lucky day. Going forward those who let Microsoft take a look at how they search, will be awarded credits that they can in turn redeem for Microsoft points aka, currency for Zune and XBOX.

From The Bing Team:

“Once you join Bing Rewards you’ll regularly receive offers available via your Bing Bar. Offers may include searching on Bing, trying Bing features, or simply learning new things about the world. As you earn credits, check out the Rewards redemption center where you can redeem your credits for a wide selection of rewards including Microsoft Points (rejoice Xbox, Zune, and Games for Windows users!), charitable donations (including DonorsChoose.org ,Teach For America, and Summer Search), gift cards, and more. The Rewards redemption center provides hundreds of items, with new rewards being added regularly.”

Of course we just know most people will donate those credits to a worthy cause. Won’t your dead ZuneSpring reader? Get it on some of that free points action by signing up today.